Swivel Faced Electrodes


Swivel tips have ball jointed swivel heads to compensate for minor misalignment and to eliminate marking of the work surface. They are all machined from Class 2 (Tuff 77) alloy bar stock. The S and SS series electrodes water hole does not reach the head. In the OS and OSH style electrodes the water does contact the head and an O-ring is used to seal the head. In the SS Series electrode a spring is used to keep pressure on the head for better positioning. Class 1 (Tuff 88) and Class 3 (Tuff 55) heads are also avalible upon request.

Taper NoFace Dia. 'F'DescriptionPart Num
5-CT** 7/8 S-248 182-0248
5-CT** 1 S-249 182-0249
5-CT** 1-1/4 S-250 182-0250
4RW 7/8 S-348 182-0348
4RW 1 S-350 182-0350
4RW 1-1/4 S-351 182-0351
5RW 7/8 S-349 182-0349
5RW 1 S-353 182-0353
5RW 1-1/4 S-354 182-0354

**Will fit Tuffcap adapter shanks having No. 5 cap tapers, as shown on the male caps page.

Taper NoFace Dia. \\\'F\\\'DescriptionPart Num
5RW 1 OSH-353 182-2353
5RW 1-1/4 OSH-354 182-2354
5RW 1-1/2 OSH-356 182-2356
5RW 2 OSH-358 182-2358
7RW 2-1/2 3360 182-3360
Taper NoFace Dia. \\\'F\\\'DescriptionPart Num
4RW 7/8 OS-348 182-1348
4RW 1 OS-350 182-1350
4RW 1-1/4 OS-351 182-1351
5RW 7/8 OS-349 182-1349
5RW 1 OS-353 182-1353
5RW 1-1/4 OS-354 182-1354
Taper NoFace Dia. 'F'DescriptionPart Num
5RW 1 SS-353 182-3353
5RW 1-1/4 SS-354 182-3354
S-Series High Degree Swivel
S-Series High Degree Swivel
Taper NoFace Dia. "F"DescriptionPart Number
4RW 7/8 S-348 High Degree Swivel 182-0348-HS
4RW 1 S-350 High Degree Swivel 182-0350-HS
4RW 1-1/4 S-351 High Degree Swivel 182-0351-HS
5RW 7/8 S-349 High Degree Swivel 182-0349-HS
5RW 1 S-353 High Degree Swivel 182-0353-HS
5RW 1-1/4 S-354 High Degree Swivel 182-0354-HS

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